From theory to practice: your future in the world of energy

We are looking for curious people, open to the new and with a passion for technology to build together the future of energy. Your journey to discover the world of energy starts at the University.

We offer a twelve-month training course and transversal technological frontier topics. You will be able to deepen the fundamental technical aspects of the energy sector both from conventional sources and from the new renewable energy sources, the real key to success to face the future challenges in our sector together with green chemistry, biomass valorization, smart materials. You will also address the topics of big data and digitalization in support of energy. Through the Specializing Master you will also develop the so-called “soft skills”, necessary to operate in a challenging and constantly evolving context.

The structure of the Specializing Master

The training programme takes a learning-by-doing approach and includes a period of classroom based lessons at Politecnico di Milano, pandemic situation permitting, and an internship with Eni and its Companies. The lessons are held by University and company lecturers and are integrated with case studies, seminars by Eni managers and experts.

The course carries a total of 60 ECTS credits. The table below shows the programme’s teaching schedule and details.


Scenario, Regulations and Project Management - 4 CFU

Energy scenarios, sustainability and climate change

Energy economics and regulations

Innovation and project management

Soft Skills 1 - 2 CFU

Problem solving and decision making

Communication skills

Fundamentals and experimental tools - 4 CFU

Fundamentals of Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

Fundamentals of Power Plants

Experimental tools

Oil & Gas Technologies - 8,5 CFU



Reservoir / Drilling & Completion

Facilities & Development

Production & Maintenance / Logistics

Natural gas technologies (treatment and transportation)

LNG, Gas Advocacy

Refinery processes

Innovative Products (fuels / lubricants)

Bio-fuels & green refinery

Petrochemical processes & Polymer Science

Green Chemistry

Soft Skills 2 - 2,5 CFU

Team working and diversity

Ethycs in innovation

Creativity and Innovation

Renewables and innovative energy systems - 10 CFU

Potential and perspectives of RES

Electric grids with large penetration of RES

Solar: thermal, CSP, PV, frontier technologies

Wind, Geothermal, Hydro, Biomass

Energy Storage

Fuel cells, Hydrogen, Hybrid systems

Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Fusion

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

Approach to Emerging Technologies - 5 CFU

Overview (R&D technology scenario)

Intellectual property

Metrics of emerging energy technologies (LCA, TRL, etc.)

Circular economy and bioeconomy

Energy and ecological transition

Big data / Artificial Intelligence

Innovative technologies for HSE & Bioremediation



Selected students will receive a monthly scholarship for the entire duration of the Specializing Master (12 months) of €1,000 gross per month for students of Italian nationality and €1,300 gross per month for students of other nationalities. In the event of dual nationality, participants will be considered Italian or overseas on the basis of their residence.

Eni will pay the Specializing Master’s enrolment fee for each student directly to Politecnico di Milano.


The Specializing Master is reserved for applicants having a
Laurea Magistrale/Specialistica (equivalent to a Master of Science) in:
– Physics – LM 17
– Aerospace and astronautical engineering – LM 20
– Chemical engineering – LM 22
– Automation engineering – LM 25
– Energy and nuclear engineering – LM 30
– Mechanical Engineering – LM 33
– Environmental and Land Planning Engineering – LM 35
– Mathematical / physics modelling for Engineering – LM 44
– Materials Science and Engineering – LM 53
– Chemical Sciences – LM 54
– Science and Technology of Industrial Chemistry – LM 71
obtained by January 15th, 2022.
For foreign applicants, equivalent qualifications in the relevant university systems will be considered
− With a graduation score of not less than 100/110
Age not exceeding 27 years and 364 days as of 31/12/2021.
Excellent English knowledge, which Eni will verify under its selection standards.

For foreign applicants, a good knowledge of written and spoken Italian will be considered preferential, possibly
supported by certificates of understanding of the Italian language. The level of knowledge will be assessed
during the selection process.


To find out more about the requirements, please see the Rector’s Decree (call for applications), which can be found at the bottom of this page.


On completion of the course, participants will be awarded a II Level Specializing Master Degree in Energy Innovation by Politecnico di Milano.



Eligible candidates will be invited to register online on the Eni website referring to the code MSTMI2022.

Selection tests will take place by and under the responsability of Eni and its companies. The selection tests will be held online and/or at the company’s premises between February-March 2022. Applicants who meet the requirements will be informed about the selection process and further instructions by email.